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Did we mention that we are a sucker for design in packaging? It’s hard to categorize or explain why a bottle of water (sparkling or non-, you have your choice) needs to be written about, but imagine, if you will, drinking clean, crisp water from this lovely cylinder. Let there be good (i.e. mindful, not lazy) design in all corners of our lives. (Plus, it’s a glass bottle. You forget how cool and weighty glass feels until it’s offered in the unexpected venue of bottled water vessels.) (Plus, it’s Norwegian.)

It is one of the most compelling reasons that we have seen for spending exactly one dollar and ninety-five cents (at Pastaworks on this downpour day) in a long time. This is one of those things that will make you more beautiful for having held in your hand and drunk from its mouth. Guaranteed.

Get yours. Pastaworks. 3735 SE Hawthorne Boulevard.


updated Friday July 08 2005 19:35

Erika Kohr at motel gallery

Milk and Honey, Erika Kohr
Erika Kohr. “Milk and Honey.”

I once asked a local artist whose work I love and who happens to be a “very stylish girl”* about the intersection of art and fashion. She replied, “There is none.”

Wrong. Portland’s Anti-Domestic is a case in point. Art that happens to be shown on a body.

Second point of intersection is use of cloth and clothing forms in art. Erika Kohr’s blown glass sculptures often employ doll-sized translucent clothing forms as narrative elements, implying the bodies that might fill them and their stories.

Portland-based Kohr shows all over the country. Her show at motel gallery (with SF artist Suzanne Husky) entitled Pollinate will feature a whole new body of work.

Bonus note: motel gallery owner Jennifer Armbrust is partner in the brilliant new online art review at PORT with Katherine Bovee and Jeff “Mr. Ubiquitous” Jahn.

There is a reception Thursday eve beginning at 6:30 PM. motel gallery is located at 19 NW 5th (on NW Couch, between 5th & 6th) in Portland.

*Breakfast at Tiffany’s

updated Tuesday July 05 2005 14:38

Can I Get Some Hot Sauce On That?

These 18k gold and vintage glass bead earrings are the perfect palate for an urban summer earring, light but not lite. They’re part of Monica Corbin’s line at Hot Sauce Brown.

Local connection? NY-based Hot Sauce Brown’s website, launched last month, was designed by Northeast Portland’s Needmore Designs which is to say Kandace Nuckolls and Raymond Brigleb who have done sites for Masu Sushi and artist Trish Grantham as well.