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Chicago Chocolate Tour

In a city with its fair share of angry-inchers, they are gleeful oddballs, and herein lays the formula for bodies of work so dark and so sweet, and funny while sad.

Blair Saxon-Hill, Tonal Sequence at Fourteen30

The texture of the halftone dots, the distressed markings of age, the porous quality of some of the sculptural surfaces, the tiny page number in the upper corner of each work that tips us off to the fact that the ground for each collage is the page of a book, these subtleties add up to give each of these a seductive, virtually tactile, richness.

Liam Drain: If you were asking the right questions

…as if entering the smallest of museums stocked with antiquities of strange and familiar purpose.

Gary Robbins Fan Death at Appendix

…By transforming an ordinary mirror into a pool, and by making this the rabbit hole through which we enter the rest of this successful exhibition, Robbins frames it as a lens on our tendency to make mystery of the mundane. …

Eye Level: Adds Donna’s Black Moon at Half/Dozen

Although it is technically an exhibition of individual objects, I take “Black Moon” by Chicago arts collective Adds Donna at Half Dozen Gallery as an intriguing installation, an installation that addresses the archive and the ways it makes (and influences or confounds the making of) meaning.