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Category Archives: in brief

Review: Vanessa Calvert’s Residue

Vanessa Calvert’s installation, Residue, at FalseFront (4518 NE 32nd Avenue) is a matching love seat and easy chair covered in a floral fabric that’s faded and frayed. Their broken forms are not wholly distorted, but they are tilted, bulging with growths, rent by slashes lined with brass zipper teeth, and oozing upholstered puddles onto the floor.

Patrick Kelly’s Carbon Traces

The heaviness, physicality, and import of Patrick Kelly’s drawings at Worksound‘s current show Drawing the Slight Uneasy, tilt the entire group exhibition in their direction. These large graphite drawings are wisely sited in their own room so as not to dominate the rest of the work in the show. They are fierce, dimensional graphite drawings […]

Karl Burkheimer, Higher Ground at Doppler

In Higher Ground, Karl Burkheimer’s installation at Doppler PDX, a plywood ladder reaches up through a hole in a false ceiling that in its perfect circularity feels like a hatch. Of course, this being Burkheimer, the footholds on the ladder are cut into artful curves to remind the viewer that craft matters, that Burkheimer above […]

In Brief: Lydia Rosenberg’s [Of Filling] [Of Forming] at PNCA

Impedances, suggestions, invitations, refusals, Lydia Rosenberg’s [Of Filling] [Of Forming] at PNCA, uses a handful of minimalist sculptural gestures primarily of modest materials with a devil-may-care aesthetic to guide viewers, eye and body, through a space. If a normal route in an exhibition hugs the walls, either facing the wall, looking at wall-hung work or […]