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Category Archives: art in public

Walking the Walk: Linda K. Johnson at Dance: before, after, during

Linda K. Johnson walks to know. Walking connects the body and the mind and is at the core of her creative process.

Maria T.D. Inocencio: It’s Like This Every Day

Maria T.D. Inocencio’s exhibition at Gallery Nine entitled, It’s Like This Every Day is a stunningly beautiful contemplation of daily movement and accumulated memories. …

FREE: Digital Space as Public Space

by Linda Wysong

Free is a fascinating exhibition at the New Museum in New York that looks at digital space as public space and explores how artists are using the virtual town square. It is an expansive group show that brings together a broad cross section of artists and approaches. The point of departure is “Dispersion,” an essay by artist Seth Price, in which he notes, “Collective experience is now based on simultaneous private experiences, distributed across the field of media culture, knit together by ongoing debate, publicity, promotion, and discussion.”

Animation, Architectural Articulation and the Street

Art in Public Series, January 2010 by Linda Wysong Screens, screens, and more screens, as they multiply they seem to take us away from the concrete to the constructed ether world of the digital. Rose Bond is an animation artist who does the opposite.  Her site specific multichannel projections connect electronic images with stone and […]

Speak Now – Vocabulary of Memory

by Linda Wysong
The shiny metal tags flutter and sing as the breeze sweeps down from the Columbia River producing a gentle music that is in sharp contrast to the Expo Center’s barren parking lots. Valerie Otani’s Voices of Remembrance is the only indication that this modern consumer complex is also the site of a telling part of American history. She has created a large scale art installation that commemorates the shameful national policy of interning Japanese Americans in concentration camps during WW II and reminds us that Oregonians actively participated in this suspension of civil liberties.