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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Review: Sayre Gomez Self Expression at Fourteen30

PANTONE Red 032U “Colors may be affected by actinic light, aging, and improper storage which can result in color change.” This is the caveat in fine print on the sheet of PANTONE Red 032U paper on which Los Angeles-based artist Sayre Gomez has made “Untitled Drawing.” These words are a microcosm of the surprising “color […]


A shift in the frequency of a photon toward lower energy, or longer wavelength, redshift of the cosmological variety is seen due to expansion of the universe which is to say light sources moving away from Earth. As the light source that is Performance Works NorthWest’s Alembic series of guest-curated evenings of performance moves away […]

Mr. Dobson

“When you enter a room, you have to kiss his ring. I don’t mind, but he has it in his back pocket.” —Don Rickles on Frank Sinatra There’s a new critical gun in town. His name is Dobson and he’s not kissing anybody’s ring. With both guns blazing, this caustic “conservative artist in a liberal […]

Appendix Project Space and Little Field

Kicking off the 2010 programming season, Appendix Project Space and Little Field Gallery are the best reason to head to NE Alberta’s Last Thursday, this Thursday April 29 from 6-10. This marks the “merging coordination and curation of the two spaces” plus the launch of their Hay Batch! performance space curated by Portland artist Matthew […]

White Box Call for Proposals

The University of Oregon Portland’s White Box in their White Stag building is seeking project proposal submissions for the gallery and its companion Gray Box new media and digital arts space for December 2010-November 2011. “Through exhibitions and related educational and public programming, the White Box is dedicated to creating a laboratory for the exploration […]