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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Review: Linda Austin and The Metaphysics of Notation

“And then I’ll come over here and do this.” “And then I’ll come over here and do this.” On Friday, Linda Austin and JP Jenkins traversed the mezzanine of the Armory in a performance of Mark Applebaum’s visual score “The Metaphysics of Notation” that was loose, wacky, and charming. In paper jumpsuits, with a truckload […]

Review: Annotation: Configure

I have punched a computer punch card. I learned binary the way you might learn Morse code. I was a tourist in the land of data input/output, but coming back from that land of zeroes and ones, I retained an interest in the recording of data, its march from notched sticks, stone carvings or the […]

Linda Austin and the Metaphysics of Notation

Portland-based choreographer Linda Austin is the final artist to perform “The Metaphysics of Notation” today at noon at Portland Center Stage on the Mezzanine, Gerding Theater at the Armory. Performance series “The Metaphysics of Notation” finds abstract notation interpreted through a kaleidoscope of methods: theater, movement, music, and sound poem. Third Angle and Portland Center […]

Review: Jenene Nagy’s Tidal

Liquid Mercury We called it “mercury sea:” the Pacific on a windless evening in a thin fog just after sunset when the glassy surface of the Monterey Bay reflected the orange-tinged grey of the sky. A Shattered Polyhedron, A Wave, A Horizon Line As as if a giant pink polyhedron had been cast into the […]

Melody Owen at Art Gym

Two new exhibitions open at The Art Gym at Marylhurst University on Sunday, February 21 with a reception for the artists from 3 to 5 PM. The Art Gym’s main space features So Close to the Glass and Shivering by Melody Owen. In Gallery 2, Paula Rebsom will present If We Lived Here. Both exhibitions […]