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Stock: Call for Grant Proposals

So simple: let’s give money to artists over dinner. While the media is in a dither over stories about a crisis in funding for the arts in Portland—to the negative with the emergency fundraiser for OBT, to the positive introduction of the Creative Advocacy Network (CAN) which aims to secure greater dedicated funding for the arts—three Portland women have decided to take the matter into their own hands, providing micro-grants directly to artists. And that’s important, because while it is true that strong institutions benefit all, until now the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) and Oregon Arts Commission have been only sources for grants for individual artists, (and yes, there are other locally-based opportunities for residencies, like those through Caldera and at Milepost 5, or funded exhibition opportunities like Couture at NAAU.

Stock is a new initiative by Portlanders Katy Asher, Ariana Jacob and Amber Bell that is equal parts dinner party and grass-roots granting organization. You and I can pay $10 for a dinner of homemade soup &c. and the chance to have a say in which artists’ grant proposal will be awarded the proceeds of the night’s dinner, your $10 and mine. The Artist(s) who receives the grant presents his/her/their work at the following Stock dinner.

The first Stock,inspired by InCubate‘s Sunday Soup granting program in Chicago and its offshoots in Brooklyn, Grand Rapids, Mexico City, Newcastle, and Houston, is Sunday July 26 at Gallery HOMELAND (2505 SE 11th) from 6-9 PM.

Artists still have time to submit a proposal before July 20th to be considered for the first granting session. Each month the first 15 completed proposals will vie for Stock’s dinner grant. See the
website for more info or email
portlandstock (at)