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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Of Infographics, Illustration, and the Political in Art: Chris Jordan, APEX at PAM

The notion of the extended infographic is clearly in the air, Mr. Edward Tufte would be glad to know. I recently gave an art director friend a copy of IDN magazine that was a showcase of exotic, expressive infographic design, some of it the deliciously oppositional combination of hard data with a subversively Raygun aesthetic. […]

Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kid

Seeing, seer, and seen are the subject and object of Tahni Holt‘s dance piece that happened Thursday and Friday nights at The Cleaners. Not “seer” in the sense of fortune teller but in the sense of the seen asking, “What are you lookin’ at?” And more precisely, through what means do you see what […] at The Cleaners

One of Portland’s most interesting choreographers, Tahni Holt, has been thinking about our almost universal voyeurism and our mediated culture, the ways we experience viewing others at a remove through the technology of recording device and screen. Continuing work began when Holt was artist-in-residence at the South Waterfront in 2008, Holt stages at The […]

Tonight: A One-Two Punch of Art

A little guide for your e-ve-ning. The much-missed Tilt Gallery and Project Space helmed by Jenene Nagy and Josh Smith never really went away, it just went dormant, plotting future exhibitions. Tonight, they launch Tilt Export, a curatorial effort in various spaces that opens with “approximate” at  Gallery HOMELAND (2505 SE 11th Ave) with a […]