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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Nowhere: Out of Place at Disjecta

“Trajectory,” Brennan Conaway. still You’ll recall the Nowhere collective and its mobile gallery, a white travel trailer modified to display art inside and out, parked at various locations around town. Now a similar travel trailer with its interior painted international orange, two opposite corners sliced cleanly away to create wide circular openings, welcomes the viewer […]

Review: Mandy Greer’s Dare alla Luce at Museum of Contemporary Craft

It is highly unlikely that if I were to consider a painting, that I would spend time thinking about the Gamblin employee who ground the pigment and mixed the paints used in the painting, let alone where the minerals came from or who operates the machine that fills the paint tubes. I’d skip all of […]

What’s In The Box?

The Box Game is the traveling stage of a larger artwork called ‘What’s in the Box’. Lukas Geronimas and David Horvitz this month are touring with a game of guess-what’s-in-the-black-box throughout the United States and Canada, and guess what? Portland’s on the list. This Saturday, they’re settin’ up the box¬† from 9:30 AM to noon […]