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Monthly Archives: June 2008


It may not be too late for you to participate in “Information Studio” by Portland-based choreographer, Tahni Holt. You’ll need to make reservations ahead of time and can reserve a spot every half-hour from 3-7:30 PM Friday, 5-9:30 PM Saturday, and 2-4 PM on Sunday. Reserve a spot by emailing Tahni at or phoning […]


“I have always delighted in [the] relationship between words and images [and] thought of the book as a form of collage space.” — Jess We take it for granted that you will go see the Jess: To and From the Printed Page at the Cooley Gallery (3203 SE Woodstock) at Reed College, a traveling exhibition […]

One More Day: s/plit

Today is your last day to see Jenene Nagy’s installation “s/plit” at the APEX series at the Portland Art Museum. Here’s why you should.

Do Not Duplicate

Another public art project from the man who brought you the curbside horses, artist Scott Wayne Indiana, “Do Not Duplicate” is an invitation to disobey. He’s taken a rough-n-tumble image of a key so stamped and has installed it in various Portland public spaces (how much more interesting would it be if all further installs […]

Getting Results

Flash installations. Visual interventions. Conversations with Portland spaces. Artist Justin Gorman‘s recent photo series began with a bang, a 60-year-old echo: the words “BangBang” in red Helvetica letters painted on a wall slated for demolition. More than photos, Gorman creates records of temporary installations of phrases speaking to place. Gorman’s first piece in the series […]