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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Throwing Stones in Glass Houses

Craft gets conceptual at the Museum of Contemporary Craft‘s (724 NW Davis) new show, Glass, by Melissa Dyne, possibly the largest readymade Portland’s ever seen. Opening today the installation consists of a single pane of glass and two photos of the facility in which it was produced. The idea is that the unframed pane will […]

Albert Art Hop

Today, May 17 from 11-7, it’s the Art Hop on NE Alberta, a giant street fair (including parade) that will mean arts and crafts vendors and makers, sales and events in the shops, food, music, theater, interactive art events, and the kind of wackiness you only find on NE Alberta. 17 blocks of NE Alberta […]

Now Is The Time

I don’t know that we’ve ever done this before on ultra, but we’re going to talk politics because this is an emergency. You probably already know that arts groups, artists, and cultural institutions from the heavy hitters to the new galleries on the block have a strong advocate in Commissioner Sam Adams. His office has […]


Tonight opens the next chapter in several overlapping stories. TJ Norris’ INFINITUS is both the next in the Couture series of exhibitions at New American Art Union and the third installation in Norris’ Tribryd series. It is also the first solo show in two years from an artist who has been an active and visionary […]


“Tram,” Katherine Bovee We’ve been thinking a lot about history, particularly art history, how it is that we now what we now about the people, the work, and events we know about. It’s so interesting to look at not the artists but the selectors: gallerists, curators, collectors, influencers, writers. He painted it, she talked about […]