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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Portland ♥ Japan — The Art of Travel At Ace Hotel

Tonight is the launch party for Portland ♥’s Japan — The Art of Travel, a unique project that points up the pivotal cultural role the Ace Hotel is taking in Portland (following in the footsteps of Katsu Tanaka at JustBe/Compound), serving as a bridge between Portland and Japan. This project is a collaboration between The […]

Tony Secolo Tonight!

Get up to NE Alberta to OFFICE (2204 NE Alberta) to see the typographically delicious paintings of Tony Secolo. TYPE-O-GRAPHIC is mixed-media work inspired by Secolo’s passion for vintage typewriters and their logos. So art imitates life imitates a dream of a streamlined future in which the machine would transform society. The typeface of the […]

Jeff Cone And The Portland Center Stage Costume Shop

photo: Pete Springer One of Portland’s most sophisticated ateliers makes elegantly tailored custom garments for a select few under the direction of Jeff Cone. You’ll be forgiven if you aren’t familiar with the name. Cone is the Resident Costume Designer for Portland Center Stage, charged with designing and overseeing the creation of every costume that […]

First Word: bside6 Preview Party

We can talk all we want about promoting, nurturing, growing Portland’s creative economy, but what does that really look like? What kinds of policies are we looking for? What kinds of building projects do we want/need? What can strengthen already thriving interdisciplinary interaction as well as projects, companies, and individuals in fields like design, architecture, […]

Cut & Paste: It’s On

Lap Le and Rede_at_Play Cut & Paste digital design tournament rolls into Portland tomorrow. Eight contestants. Three 15-minute rounds. Themes for each round are provided one week in advance. 11 cities host this roving design-gladiator match where designers’ brilliant ideas, process, successes, and almost-ran-curio/monstro/sities are laid bare for audience and webcast-watcher alike to see (projected […]