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ultra Q: Jenene Nagy

Jenene Nagy, artist and co-owner of Tilt Gallery and Project Space

Jenene Nagy is that rare hybrid who is a force to be reckoned with on all fronts, smart and unerring. She’s an artist whose installations have been among the best Portland has seen at PDX Contemporary Art Window Project, the Portland Modern Window Project, and as part of The Hook Up show at NAAU (among others). She’s owner with Josh Smith of Tilt Gallery and Project Space (625 NW Everett Suite 106), a terribly important space for installation work in the Everett Lofts; she’s business manager of PORT; and is a faculty member at Clark College in Vancouver. She recently took a minute to answer the questions of the ultra Q.

Qualities you most admire in art: rigor and attention to detail

Qualities you most despise in art: bad craft

Reading: Leviathan by Paul Auster

Listening to: internet radio (3WK)

from the Hook Up artist: Jenene Nagy (co-owner of Tilt Gallery and Project Space)
Jenene Nagy. “Meadow” (detail), 2007, housepaint, drywall, wood, shelf-paper.

Dream project: convert a small warehouse into an artist residency/live work space with a gallery.

Favorite virtue: putting aside my personal aesthetic to bring work into Tilt that is exciting, engaging, and worthy

Favorite vice: Makers Mark with ginger ale

Saturated Pasture by Jenene Nagy
Jenene Nagy. “Saturated Pasture” (detail), 2006, house paint, nails, foam, duralar, paper mache, wire. From installation at the Portland Building

Tragic flaw: never content to stand still. always projects, projects and more projects

Secret superhero power: helping other artists find opportunities

That which keeps your afterburners firing: my better half and my cat

What you’d like to be when you grow up: an artist

Avalanche, Jenene Nagy
Jenene Nagy. “Avalanche”, 2006, foam, house paint, map pins.

Portland’s best kept secret: the clothing optional beach at Sauvie Island

Portland heroes (sung or un-): Terri Hopkins

Interesting on the horizon (PDX): The Affair at the Jupiter Hotel in September


  1. Milo wrote:

    Haha , i like the trees :)
    You mind if i put this article on my site too Free directory, will link back .

    Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 2:16 AM | Permalink
  2. Storm Kerr wrote:

    Jenene is one of those people that lights up everyone around her. She has the unique ability to push the craft, and talent of those artist around her.
    Her parent’s inability to spell should not be held against her…

    Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 5:50 PM | Permalink