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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Evan B. Harris

If illustration-based and folk (or outsider) art-infused visual art is seeing its star rise (think Chris Johanson, Marcel Dzama, and locally Troy Briggs, Jen Corace, and Carson Ellis), Evan B. Harris is poised to rise with it. Harris’ work is most aptly described as knowing folk art, employing a folk art stylistic naif idiosyncrasies but […]

Are You The Next Big Thing?

You know Fred Flare as a retailer of the modern, cute, and cheeky. Affordable and fun, Fred Flare is a less suburban Urban Outfitters with a sense of humor. For a couple of years now, Fred Flare has done this Next Big Thing search for makers of Fred-esque wares. The chosen ones have come from […]

Two White Rooms

The arc of our evening encompassed two white rooms conceived of by European women, one a Dutch choreographer and one a German expatriate. Uli Beutter’s four-screen video installation “White” at the Everett Station Lofts was wall-to-wall with visitors (more coming all the time) early in the evening. A short piece on loop, one almost wishes […]

Who Is Sandymontana?

Gaining momentum well before their official launch, Sandymontana is the label for a group of directors (Alec Cohen, Kurt Nishimura, and Uli Buetter) who create music videos, short films, indie features, documentaries, video installations and commercials. You’ve likely seen the video Cohen and Buetter recently did for COPY’s remix of the Fleshtone song ‘GFM’ which […]

Happy Fourth for Motel

Cosmic Yeti, Megan Whitmarsh via Today, Jennifer Armbrust marks the fourth anniversary of her gallery, Motel (19 Northwest 5th Avenue, Suite C). On NW Couch between 5th & 6th, Motel has been one of that neighborhood’s pioneers as an arts destination along with neighbor Katsu Tanaka and his Just Be/Compound across the street. They’ve […]