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Monthly Archives: May 2006

ultra Q: TJ Norris

Curator, gallerist (the greatly missed, SOUNDVISION), visual artist, arts writer, TJ Norris takes a moment to answer the ultra Q in which we ask Portland’s movers and makers a number of pressing questions Opening this Friday at the Guestroom Gallery (Mark Wooley’s annex gallery at the Wonder Ballroom complex at 128 NE Russell) is grey|area […]

Brett Superstar Stole My Name

it’s all post-Warholian to us “What type of people buy your paintings?” “You’re not supposed to talk about that. Let’s just talk about boots and Chinese food.” – Student reporter and Andy Warhol, 1966 Barbara Feldon. Andy Warhol. Not that it’s any coincidence, necessarily–if you care a whit about fashion, art, pop culture, the shade […]

Bruch at Leach

Cris Bruch. Hemlock. 2006. The writer and critic Robert Mittenthal once told Cris, “Your role in the space time continuum is that you take time and turn it into space.” * One of the many great things about Elizabeth Leach is that she has the regional long view well in hand, having been a gallerist […]

Enamored at Moshi Moshi

Natalie Cartwright grew up surrounded by objects her parents collected on their travels. And as a child, her parents took her to places they’d been, places they remembered…including roadside attractions, like “a garden built entirely of shells.” One of the objects that acted powerfully on Cartwright’s imagination was her mother’s Noh mask, issuing an unspoken […]

White Out

In anticipation of the upcoming Little White Dress Show on June 8 at Disjecta, we consider that color that is all colors and no color. Guest contributor Tim DuRoche on white. “. . .oh Lana Turner we love you get up” � Frank O’Hara White is about elegance, cooling, and a hopeful balm and simultaneously […]